Welcome to Tuesday Morning Vendors

Cover Page
Updated: 3/14/2018
Table Of Contents
Updated: 5/26/2016
Chapter 1 - Welcome
Updated: 7/14/2015
Chapter 2 - Tuesday Morning Requirements
Updated: 9/07/2017
Chapter 3 - Domestic Purchase Orders
Updated: 11/25/2019
Chapter 3 - Import Purchase Orders
Updated: 11/25/2019
Chapter 4 - Pre-Ticketing Instructions
Updated: 3/11/2019
Chapter 5 - Pre-Shipment Requirements
Updated: 10/24/2017
Chapter 6 - Domestic Transportation
Updated: 1/24/2020
Chapter 6 - Import Transportation
Updated: 5/26/2016
Chapter 7 - Accounts Payable
Updated: 7/14/2015
Tuesday Morning Links
Transportation Management System - MercuryGate
Please contact Vendor Services if you have questions about MercuryGate.
Vendor Services Email: TMSVendors@TuesdayMorning.com
Vendor Services Phone: 972-934-7191
MercuryGate - Transportation Management System Instructions
Updated: 1/15/2020
MercuryGate - Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: 2/19/2020
Tuesday Morning Transportation Guidelines
Updated: 2/11/2020
Ticketing Order System – FineLine
ATOM TMS - Current TMS through January 24th, 2020
You will not be able to release POs in ATOM after 1/24/2020.
You will still be able to access the system to view previous releases.
Tuesday Morning Website
Tuesday Morning Investor Relations
External Links/Resources
Fair Packaging and Labeling Act
Textile Products Identification Act
Textile and Wool Acts
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Consumer Product Safety Act
Federal Hazardous Substances Act
Poison Prevention Packaging Act
Proposition 65(CA)
Country of Origin Rules
The Global Language of Business - GS1 US
TM Purchase Order Worksheet Domestic ver 12042019
Updated: 12/09/2019
TM Purchase Order Worksheet Import ver 01132020
Updated: 1/13/2020
New Vendor Package
Updated: 11/13/2017
New Vendor Letter
Updated: 10/30/2017
MercuryGate - Transportation Management System Instructions
Updated: 1/15/2020
New Vendor Set-up
Updated: 9/11/2017
Vendor Manual Acknowledgement
Updated: 1/27/2015
Safety Data Sheets Requirements
Updated: 7/16/2014
Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) Acknowledgment Form
Updated: 10/02/2017
Tuesday Morning Shipping Calendar
Updated: 2/17/2020
Country of Origin Requirements
Updated: 8/04/2014
Supply Chain Checklist
Updated: 2/05/2018
Carton Label Template
Updated: 1/11/2019
Color Chart
Updated: 4/15/2014
Expiration Date Form
Updated: 3/30/2015
Seasonal Stickers & Colors
Updated: 4/17/2019